Commercial Development
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Commercial development projects include private commercial projects of varying types and scales. WDS’s designs in this category of work focus on establishing a lasting and maintainable client image while creating a comfortable, high-end customer experience.


Key design issues within this category of work include:

  • Creating visual identity from transportation corridors

  • Enhancing pedestrian movement from streets to storefronts, and from parking lots to entry points – way finding

  • Providing parking lot shade to mitigate heat island effect of pavement surfaces

  • Control and treatment of storm water

  • Irrigation design compliance with state and local Water Efficient Landscape Ordinances (WELO)

  • Low water use plant selection complimentary to architectural styles and durable to harsh environments.

  • Supporting and/or enhancing utilitarian and logistical facilities such as solid waste enclosures, fire department connections, loading docks, electrical and plumbing access rooms

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