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Design Approach
What's in a name? Everything.

The word "design" in our name means we consider all aspects of our projects - from what it looks and feels like to users; to how it's constructed; to its desired life-cycle; to how it is maintained over the long-term.

The word “studio” in our name describes the culture of collaboration we operate within our daily office interactions as we solve problems for our clients and create landscapes and community spaces of distinction.

WDSLA's work focuses on the point "where life and the environment meet on the ground."
We strive for practical, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally responsible solutions to our clients' needs.

Successful project completion is a client’s highest priority, and WDSLA has a defined and proven approach to help clients achieve that success.


Our design process reflects our core purpose of helping create community value through high quality design. Some of the ways we do that are by:


  • Fostering a responsive and proactive client relationship

  • Identifying and solving problems with intelligence and creativity

  • Excelling at landscape design

  • Maintaining robust documentation

What Differentiates Wilson Design Studio Landscape Architecture?

You have lots of choices when selecting a design consultant, so why WDSLA? Three key factors set us apart:

  1. Our laser focus on the client relationship

  2. Our design expertise and honest dialogue

  3. Our long term view of our client’s projects

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