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WDSLA uses the word LIVE to describe projects that elevate the spaces we call home. These projects consist of master planned residential communities, multi-family developments and single family detached homes, including market-rate, affordable, age-restricted and private care-giving facilities. 


Designs for clients in this category focus on establishing a cohesive look, feel, and identity for residents, with an emphasis on creating carefully designed common use amenities and spaces that enhance the ability to connect.


The key to this field of landscape architecture is “home,” exemplified by:

  • Designing places people will be proud to call home.

  • Executing on and enhancing the project vision established by the builders/developers

  • Creating a recognizable theme that is community, context, and environmentally appropriate.

  • Recognizing that different residential products require different landscape solutions; but all must fit within the larger community context.

  • Understanding that landscapes age and mature over time, and that design and maintenance specifications must reflect that.

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